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Student Spotlight – Yawen "What is your American Name?" Liu

Posted by Brittany Brown on Dec 15, 2017 2:55:44 PM
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Yawen Liu '18 is a unique student with a perspective of the world unlike most other students her age. Coming to Thornton Academy after attending a top school in China, Yawen, formerly known to many as "Gloria," was looking for an educational experience that fits her desire for a comprehensive education.

IMG_3930.jpgYawen Liu is a senior at Thornton Academy

Coming to Thornton Academy in September 2014, Yawen began her high school experience as "Gloria." It is very common for international students from Asian countries to adopt American monikers. Her "American" name, "Gloria," was selected name from a list that she was given in school. She went by "Gloria" through her freshman, sophomore, and junior years at Thornton Academy.

This year, in her senior year, "Gloria" has been replaced with Yawen for two reasons.

  • Yawen feels that "Gloria" is not a normal name. It is the name of a song and it draws a lot of attention.
  • During a summer program she took at Harvard, Yawen met people who wanted to know the name her parents gave her.

Yawen explains, "A name is your label as a person. How can you have two different names?"

Yawen credits Thornton Academy for helping her become a better person and challenging her academically. Taking full advantage of Thornton Academy’s expansive course offerings, Yawen has been able to explore, learn, and develop as a student and member of the community. Her participation spans and she plays on the varsity tennis team, she has taken 13 of the 24 Advanced Placement courses Thornton Academy offers, and she also has been an active member of the Art Club and Student Council.

She specially credits Mathematics teacher Mr. Bruce Snyder and History Teacher Mr. Jason Cote with teaching her more than just the surface of a lesson, delving deep into meanings and perspectives in their respective disciplines.

IMG_5411.jpgYawen (left) is pictured here following a tennis match

So if you see her in the halls, say hi to Yawen – Thornton Academy's friendly community makes her feel welcome and is one of the things she likes most about being here.

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