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Student Spotlight: Nolan Eisenhaur '18

Posted by Katy Nicketakis on Nov 17, 2017 2:19:59 PM
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Nolan Eisenhaur '18 was recently selected by the senior class as the recipient of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizen award. This award recognizes excellence in dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. Nolan is currently Student Body Treasurer. Additionally, he serves as captain of the Swim Team and is a member of Dance Company, National Honor Society, and Spanish Club.

We sat down with Nolan to get to know him better!


Nolan Eisenhaur '18 was recently selected as the recipient of the DAR Good Citizen award. 


Thornton Academy (TA): Congratulations on the DAR Good Citizen Award! What does being a good citizen mean to you?

Nolan Eisenhaur (NE): Your community brings you up. I've lived in Saco my whole life. Being a good citizen is giving back to the community that raised you. Whether it's planting a garden, donating to Christmas families, or volunteering with NHS, I want to give back to repay the community for all that it's given to me.

TA: What has your experience at Thornton Academy been like?

NE: It's the perfect high school to go to. It's been great prep for college and having Junior/Senior privileges has taught me how to be responsible. I've really gotten a lot out of having the residential life students on campus.



Nolan performs with Dance Company during the Homecoming Pep Rally. 


TA: Can you explain that more? How have the international students improved your experience at TA?

NE: Some of my best friends live in the dorm and are from other countries! I've learned about countries like Poland, Hungary, Italy and learned to make cultural comparisons between their experiences and my own here in Saco. I hope to be able to visit some of my friends in their home countries in the future.

TA: What about after graduation from TA in June?

I've finished all of my college apps! I've applied to 5 schools and hope to attend one near Boston. I want to study International Business and continue my studies in Dance and Spanish.

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